Grainfields USA Probiotic Products

Probiotic powders

Grainfields Australia Products are predigested, grain-based superfoods containing beneficial lactobacillus cultures produced at A.G.M. FOODS Pty. Ltd. These beneficial bacteria are a natural part of our food chain and are now sadly lacking in the diets of ourselves and our animals due to the way we overly process and therefore devitalize our foods.

These products are made in Brisbane, Australia, using a fermentation process, unique only to A.G.M. FOODS Pty. Ltd. This process ensures active, viable bacteria and predigested, natural nutrients. Only the finest grains, legumes, grasses, herbs and spirulina available are used to make the Grainfields range of products.

lactobacillus acidophilus
bifidus (Bifidobacterium bifidum)
lactobacillus casei
lactobacillus helveticus
lactobacillus bulgaricus
lactobacillus leichmannii
lactobacillus caucasicus
lactobacillus lactis
lactobacillus fermenti
lactobacillus brevis
lactobacillus plantarum
lactobacillus delbreukii
Saccharomyces boulardii
Saccharomyces cerevisiae



Our liquids are different from other products because they are active sources of lactobacillus bacteria. Because of this the liquid is self-carbonating so we recommend refrigeration of the product prior to opening. Gently shake the bottle and untwist the cap slowly to release gas. The liquids may be diluted with water, freshly squeezed juices or used in smoothies and salad dressings.

Contain lactobacillus cultures, fermented Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Grass and a wide selection of fermented whole grains including Linseed and Soybeans. Grains and Greens Powder and Grains & Greens Crunchies also include Spirulina. Grainfields Powder Plus is a non-dairy product. Grainfields powders are a natural food rich in beneficial bacteria, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes. Grainfields powders may be used in fruit smoothies, sprinkled over cereal, mixed with water or Grainfields liquid as a meal replacement.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Whosoever

gives these things no consideration and is ignorant of them,

how can he understand the deceases of man.”

— Hippocrates, ca. 400 BC —